Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've finally gotten back to my blog tonight with the intention of updating it on a regular basis. It's been exactly two years since my last entry. As they say, "The more things change, the more things stay the same." Sometime in the next week or so I'm planning to move back to Las Vegas, via a detour to the SF Bay area to visit my sister. She and her husband, Hawlan, are expecting for the first time; twins, no less! One boy and one girl. Her due date is around the first week of September, so they'll be Virgos like her. I'm pretty excited about becoming an uncle for the first time.

As I've mentioned above, I'm planning to move back to Las Vegas. My last attempt ended in less than 3 months. It began inauspiciously; I ruptured a tendon in my pinkie (sp!) in my left hand. That was a relatively expensive accident since I did not have health insurance. Plus, my time there wasn't very productive considering I only made a profit of $140 playing video poker at the Palms. Since I wasn't very motivated to get a job there I came back to Austin.

Why move back to a town that I've lived in twice without much success? Mainly, it's because I'd like to get my gaming license again so that I can return to being a craps dealer. It pays well and it's about the most fun a person can have while being on the other side of a gaming table. The time has come for me to be a productive member of society. Just give me a paycheck, some daily cash tips, health and retirement benefits, and I'll gladly fork over part of my money to Uncle Sam.

As much as I love living in Austin I think my time here should come to an end. I've spent the last few years just feeding my appetite for food, sleep, gambling, and the occasional trip to a gentlemen's club now and then. (I can hear all of you laughing!) I've worked as little as possible while spending most of what I've made. I've gotten fat and lazy. My life has become so limited in its scope and depth that I'm now just living in a monotonous loop of irrelevant actions. So I'm leaving behind most of my friends and all the things that I've grown accustomed to here in Austin over the last sixteen years. But I think that the best is yet to come.